This blog has moved….

Sorry to regular readers – the blog has moved and I didn’t notice! Ooops! I redesigned the website last month and the blog address changed at the same time. Please find me here: Oh and here’s a little taste of what you’ll find…. latest post 08/08/13… More images from my ongoing series ‘Dreich’. All prints from this series are made in two sizes: 46”x34.5”…

More from “The Scooter Club”

A few new pictures from The Scooter Club series. Great location at an old RAF hanger, big thanks to all the guys who came out with their bikes on a day that finally felt like summer.

Rockabilly Nights

A few images from a new personal project Rockabilly Days/Rockabilly Nights. First the nights…. Rockabilly, it seems, is alive and well and living in Liverpool – all pictures shot on location at Camp and Furnace as part of the Action Packed Rockabilly Extravaganza Thanks to Mike Badger, the main man, who agreed to me taking over one end of the venue for my impromptu studio….

The scooter club…..and more awards news!

Happy New Year to all and I begin this year with a determination to complete ‘The Scooter Club’, a project I started at the back end of last year. All guys who are fanatical about the old Lambretta and Vespa scooters from the 50s and 60s – mostly they have been riding them for years and in many cases owned them since new (I…


You’ve got to hand it too them. Freezing cold…been raining for days…mud everywhere… The girls and boys, women and men of the cycling world gather come rain or shine for the winter cyclocross series. It’s a long, long way from the sun drenched Avenue des Champs–Élysées in July! Thanks to all who, at the end of the gruelling races, stood in the cold for my camera. Chapeau…

The Boatmen

I was down on the seafront and met these guys a couple of weeks back. Here’s a few pictures a propos nothing in particular. Just a bunch of men totally immersed in their hobby. Lovely blokes – we had a fascinating morning just chewing the cud and putting the world to rights….  


Well, last day of April and I’ve heard of April showers but come on…that was ridiculous! Although it did help me with my ongoing personal project ‘Dreich’ – a wonderfully descriptive Scottish word that I remember my Grandmother in Edinburgh using. Still in general use it means variously damp; dank; dull; dreary; dismal with regards to the weather but for me it can mean an…

The end of Summer?

Well, we had a full range of weather over the ‘summer’, didn’t we? I’ve just finished all the shoots for the next book in the ’52 Weekends…’ series – available in all good bookstores from next April – now it’s down to some serious editing. here’s a little taster… The lovely Upper Teesdale and this really is August in Eskdale, Cumbria more to follow…

The BMX Boys

Some new personal work with two great BMX riders in Liverpool. Anthony Watkinson and Zack Williams. Thanks to the guys at Rampworx for all the assistance.

The Lake

A  few pictures from an ongoing personal project ‘The Lake’. The cold winter weather has brought a wonderful calm to the Lake. A mecca for watersports enthusiasts from all over the country, the lake has been free from all activity other than a few hardy walkers, birdwatchers and one shellfish fisherman washing off his waders…