Day Trippers

The 7th of July this year marks the 60th anniversary of the Woolton Church Summer Fete in Liverpool where a young John Lennon was introduced to an even younger Paul McCartney for the first time. That meeting has gone down in musical folklore leading to one of the most extraordinary writing partnerships that changed the face of modern music. Now, sixty years on, I’m…

One from the archive….Polaroid Type 55

Just came across this in the studio from an old polaroid Type 55 neg. (fantastic film and much missed) Shot on a Sinar ‘Norma’ 5×4 believe it not – really a studio camera but I used to take it on the road sometimes….. Scouse wit with roadsigns…..

starlings agatherin’

It’s that time of year again when the starlings gather around the UK in enormous flocks called ‘murmurations’ – whilst it is still an incredible sight the RSPB tells us not to be fooled by the big flocks: “Despite the incredible size of the flocks, these numbers are just a fraction of what they used to be. Huge starling flocks used to gather over…

Gone to the dogs….

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’ve found myself photographing dogs of late. No real plan and no real direction to it, I just seem to be seeing dog pictures everywhere: Paris, Liverpool, New York, Mumbai, Amsterdam….. …more on the website  

Douze heures du Tour

With all the Tour de France fever that gripped the UK over the weekend, we just had to join in. Here it is – 12 hours on Cragg Vale nr Hebden Bridge – all for ten seconds of bike racing…. 4.00am 5.38am 6.52am 7.48am 9.10am 10.08am 10.56am 12.03pm 1.56pm 2.08pm 2.51pm 4.00pm

For Sale

A few images from my little series ‘For Sale’ published in the Independent on Sunday Review yesterday. Shops and online shopping is soooo last year! I reckon you could just about get everything you need by the side of the road – even one or two things you didn’t know you needed. Tank anyone?

Coney Island, NYC

With all the British-ness of the Scooter Club, here’s some pictures from the US a couple of weeks back. Had an afternoon off in New York City and took the subway out to Coney Island for some clams and fries. I love it out there out of season when the fairground is closed midweek. What a joy to wile away a few hours on the…

Is it too early to say goodbye to Winter?

Feeling lovely and warm and sunny here these last two days, but it’s only a week or so ago that we were in the depths of winter…..  

A night at the theatre

Went to see Journey’s End by RC Sherrif at the Lowry in Manchester at the weekend. Wonderful adaptation and very moving especially on this weekend of remembrance. There’s still time to catch the end of the run if you can make it to the last leg of the tour at Nottingham Theatre Royal starting tonight – you won’t regret it! Along with the play,…

A few days in Valencia

Just back from a four day shoot in Valencia and enjoyed an afternoon off at  La Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias – The City of Arts and Science. Designed by Santiago Calatrava, the architecture is extraordinary: light and airy in the hot spring sunshine. Don’t think he’s done anything in the UK yet, maybe it’s the weather…